War Memoirs


Zygmunt Skarbek-Kruszewski


This book was written in Polish by my father at the end of the war. It was translated by my mother, Marushka (Maria) during the 1960s. She spent months in writing after working long hours and then cooking, cleaning and finally starting the translation. I recall that she always had a big dictionary beside her and often would ask her friends about the appropriate use of a word. Eventually this book was typed up on a manual typewriter. I have electronically scanned in the book and corrected typing errors but have not changed any words.

George (Jurek) Zygmunt Skarbek, Zyg’s elder son.

January 2000


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This book can be downloaded as a self-extracting Word document ( 800 KB file):  Click here to download.

My mother, Maria, has also written a book covering most of her life, including the war years. Her account gives a different perspective to that my father. Maria's Memoirs can be views at:


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