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Associating programs
by George Skarbek - 28th February 2006

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Q: My present problem relates to a message which appears when I try to open an attachment to an e-mail. "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the folder options control panel." I have gone into Control Panel and Folder Options but what do I next?

A: To find out what program is needed you must look at the file extension which are the last three characters of the filename after the dot. In order to see that extension type in Windows Explorer, you must click on Tools, Folder options and remove the tick from “Hide extensions for known file types”. Then you must associate a program with this file extension.

The association is done from Windows and the wording on the dialogues boxes will vary a bit depending on version of Windows.
To re-associate a file type, do the following:
·    Highlight the wanted file with a mouse left click
·    Right click on the selected file
·    Select Open With then select Choose a Program
·    Select the required program from the list and check the “Always open with this program”

If you still do not know what program is needed, and this requires knowledge and experience, then look at:  to identify the correct program and then open the attachment using the appropriate program. If you do not have the required program you should ask your sender to use another format, if possible.

Q: Every since getting a new computer with XP, Excel has been playing up. Should I reinstall? Originally purchased Works with Dell computer and Windows 98. I have such problems as no Autocalc, and when I try to set up in tools the program shuts down due to some error. When I try to get into files, am told already have Read-only access. If I have to reinstall, can I just do Excel - or need to do the full Microsoft Office? I have check system for virus - none found.

A: This is not a virus but some other problem that I cannot identify. All that I can do is to make a few suggestions. The first one is to go to Control Panel, Add/Remove and select Office. In the options, select Repair.

If that does not fix it, next run Windows File Checker Version. To do this click on Start, Run, type CMD then from the DOS box type SFC /SCANNOW This process can take over half an hour.

If that does not fix that problem, re-install Office.
Finally if this still does not fix it, un-install and re-install Office.

The Read-only problem could occur if these files were copied from your previous computer using CDs, and it will be necessary to change the attributes to remove the Read Only restriction. This is done from Windows Explorer by highlighting the affected files, clicking on Properties and then remove the tick from the Read-only box.


To look at the e-book in PDF format, Computer Guide, based on these columns click here