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by George Skarbek 16 May - 2006

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Q: Having been elevated to guru status by replacing the faulty CPU in a friend's computer, I was brought back to earth by his question: "Why do I have to click my user name every time to get into Windows XP? I am the only user and I don't use a password." It's something that has annoyed me also. We both have the XP home version with SP2.
A: You must disable the guest account and ensure that you have no other accounts apart from the hidden admin account. Clear the "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer".

If that does not help, see;en-us;315231 . Note that in some cases to clear "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer", you must click on Start, Run, and type "control userpasswords2".

Q: Over several computers and many years, I've been used to emails in my Inbox being in date order, the latest at the foot of the list so that whether my wife or I open them first, whoever is second knows where to look for the new messages. A couple of months ago this computer (XP, Outlook Express 6) decided all by itself that alphabetical order of subjects was the way to go. Is it possible to put it back the way it was?

A: Yes, this is easily done. Just click on the Received heading above the message to have it sorted by the column. Clicking again will sort in the reverse order. A triangle or an inverted triangle indicates the sort order. Clicking on the other heading such as From or Subject will sort on the column.
If you add additional fields such as Size, you will be able to sort on these as well.

Q. Can you please advise what actually happens when you're downloading something (in progress) and suddenly it is disrupted (say due to a power cut, accidental abort/cancel, etc). Would the already downloaded stuff be in your computer still (when you restart the computer)? If yes, where?

A: Although the part-downloaded file will be somewhere in your computer, most likely in the C:\Documents and Settings\Your name\Local Settings\Temp folder, this downloaded part is now just junk on your computer. If you are using Windows 98, the folder is likely to be Windows\temp. The downloaded file will probably be called something like ~DFA6FC.tmp and it can be one of hundreds or even thousands of junk files that you have in the Temp folder (depending on how often you clean out that folder). There is no method whatsoever in passing information to the website from where you are trying to download your file of what you have on the hard disk and from what byte it should resume. My suggestion is that if your computer even occasionally reboots, clean out the Temp folder, as the junk will accumulate. After a successful download, the temp files are automatically deleted.

Q: How do I move the outlook express address book from my old computer to my new one. I can connect them both on my home network.

A: For Outlook Express, search the *.wab file on both computers. The location varies on the version of Windows that you are using. Then copy this file over the top of the one on the computer. If you are using Outlook, you will have to export the Contacts into some suitable file, such as Excel, and then import the addresses from Outlook in the new computer. The Import / Export is via the File menu.

Q: I have invested in a new computer with Windows XP and I am using Mozilla Thunderbird. Try as I may, I cannot transfer my mail folders from the old Win98SE computer's Thunderbird through my router LAN. Can you help me with this, please?

A: I f you do not have mail that you wish to keep on the new computer, you should copy the old mailboxes into the new folders. On XP, the mail is stored at C:\Documents and Settings\David\Application Data\ Thunderbird\Profiles\94px2164. default\Mail\Local Folders, where 94px2164 will be some other number on your XP computer.


To look at the e-book in PDF format, Computer Guide, based on these columns click here