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Removing AutoComplete entries in Firefox

by George Skarbek - 27th March 2007

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Q: I have made an error in my e-mail address when using the AutoComplete feature in Firefox and I have not been able to delete it. I do not want to clear the entire history but only an individual entry. In IE you could select it and press delete. Can this be done in Firefox?

Yes, it can easily be done. When the incorrect entry appears, highlight that entry and then press Shift + Delete and just that entry will be permanently removed. For a list of shortcut keys in IE, Firefox and Opera see: as I am sure that you and most readers will find some time-saving keyboard shortcuts.


Adding the file and path to a Document

In Word, for example, it is possible to show the file name and path as a footer (or header)?

This can be done without too much effort. Open the required document and click on View and from the Headers and Footers, then on the toolbar click on View and then Insert, Field and select FileName and in the Field options tick Add path to filename.


Making multiple copies of a file for printing photos

Q: I have found that many digital printing bureaux or kiosks are set up only to print one copy each of whatever files are supplied on a CD-ROM. In order to have multiple copies printed, you must include the required number of copies of each file on the CD. However, manually saving and renaming each copy can be tedious, especially when large quantities of a single image are required. Are you aware of a quick and easy way to save multiple copies of files in one folder?

I am only aware of one commercial program that can do this and it costs US $50. However, this is something that I also had to do and have written my own program to do this.  It is free and can be downloaded from This is a 2 MB zipped file as it contains two large runtime DLL files that are required to run the MultiCopy.exe file.

After downloading and unzipping the three files, the file MultiCopy.exe can be copied into the same folder with the other two VFP*.DLL files, or you can copy the two files DLL into the C:\WINDOWS\System32 folder and then you can place my file in any folder that you like and it will work.

This program is easy to use. The new files will have an underscore, hash and a numeric suffix attached. If the original file is called P100273.JPG then the new files will be called: P100273_#1.JPG, P100273_#2.JPG, P100273_#3.JPG   etc ...


Copying DVDs

Q: Our son has loaned us the purchased copy of his graduation DVD.  We would like to make a copy of it before mailing it back.  How do we do this?  We have a desktop computer and two laptops all connected to a router.

All that you require is a DVD burner in order to make copies of non-protected DVDs and there should have been software that came with the DVD burner that allows you to make copies of DVDs. Two of the more common programs are Nero and Roxio but there are many others. If you cannot locate the software then look at the documentation that was supplied with your computers.

When you open that software you may have to select DVD, and then on of the options select to perform a disc copy. Insert the DVD and start the process. It will copy the image onto your hard disk and then prompt you for a blank DVD. After completion the image may or may not be deleted from the hard disk, depending on the software and the settings. If you leave the image then you will be able to watch that movie without inserting the DVD but it will consume disk space.

If none of the computers have a DVD burner but only ve DVD readers then you will need to ask you son for another copy or purchase a DVD burner. New fast DVD burners cost less than $50 and you can install it into the desktop computer without having to remove the existing drive. This will make copying quicker.


CMOS Checksum error

Q:I have Windows XP and during start up it comes with a message CMOS Checksum error.  I can load the computer using F1 but the date setting defaults to 2002. Neither of these occur when I & restart the computer.

My guess it is most likely that the battery in the computer has gone flat. Replacing it means opening the computer but usually this is not hard to do. Have a try to do it yourself or take it to any small computer shop.

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