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Making multiple copies of a file for printing photos

Most digital printing bureaux or kiosks are set up only to print one copy each of whatever files are supplied on a CD-ROM or USB drive. In order to have multiple copies printed, you must include the required number of copies of each file on the CD. However, manually saving and renaming each copy can be tedious, especially when large quantities of a single image are required.

After downloading and unzipping the three files, the file MultiCopy.exe can be copied into the same folder that the other two VFP*.DLL file are or you can copy the two files DLL into the C:\WINDOWS\System32 folder and then you can place my file in any folder that you like and it will work.

New file will have an underscore, hash and a numeric suffix attached. If the original file is called P100273.JPG  then the new files will be called:
P100273_#3.JPG   etc ...

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