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Back issues of Q & A columns for 2008
By George Skarbek

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Below are the columns that have appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age
Some have appeared at other times in the West Australian

January 29 Aggressively “helpful” software?
February 5 Backing up
February 12 Reducing size of sound files
February 19 Video buffering when downloading
February 26 Reducing image size for mailing
March 4 Having an accurate clock
March 11 What is the maximum capacity for Outlook Express inbox?
March 18 Arranging desktop icons
March 25 Scrolling is too fast
April 1 Can I boot from an XP floppy?
April 8 Oiling noisy fans
April 15 How do I run old programs in Vista?
April 22 Flaky USB drive
April 29 How safe is downloading programs?
May 6 Shortening files names for burning to a CD
May 13 What is the battery shelf life?
May 20 What are the $NTUninstall files?
May 27 What can I delete?
June 3 Outback Internet
June 10 Backing up alternatives
June 17 How many hard drives do I have?
June 24 Converting VCR to DVD
July 1 Microsoft office replacement?
July 8 Tracking cookies
July 15 Deleting personal information
July 22 Backing up mail
July 29 Sorting programs
August 5 Free anti-virus programs
August 12 Transferring old programs
August 19 What is filling my disk?
August 26 Is it time for a new monitor?
September 2 Dual Booting
September 9 Red X instead of a picture
September 16 Sorting by date received in Outlook Express
September 23 Showing my photos on the TV set
September 30 Unsubscribe is not working
October 7 Desktop pictures
October 14 Importing mail into Vista Mail
October 21 Unable to fully defragment
October 28 Free home finance software
November 4 Fixing camera sequence numbers
November 18 How do computers work?
November 25 Compressing images
December 2 Don’t cook your CPU
December 9 Opening attachments

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